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26th Ward Polling Locations - Word Doc

Volunteers Needed!
Meet at Devon Reid Campaign Office

Any time after 6:00 AM on Tuesday, 22 Feb - Election Day
3044 W Fullerton Ave
Corner of Fullerton and Albany

Devon: 847.749.7968 | Bruce 773.491.9019

WBEZ: David vs Goliath -
Aldermanic Candidate Devon Reid Gets No Respect
From Incumbent, Roberto Maldonado

Chicago Municipal General Election
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011!

Punch #52 to Elect Devon Reid

ISSUE: Roberto Maldonado Owns More Real Estate Than Any Other Alderman.
FACT: As alderman, he can approve his own zoning changes.  This is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

ISSUE: Roberto Maldonado Intimidates Businesses in the 26th Ward.
FACT: While begging struggling businesses for campaign contributions, he was also begging those same businesses for jobs for family members.  When one business responded, he called them back to say the job they had given his family member was too much work for her to do and asked if they didn't have something easier for her to do.

ISSUE: Roberto Maldonado claims to have brought the pending expansion to the Humboldt Park Library.
FACT: The Humboldt Park Library Expansion was planned more than SEVEN YEARS AGO.  It is still pending because there is no money available to pay for the expansion.

ISSUE: Roberto Maldonado claims to have brought new dugouts to Humboldt Park baseball diamonds.
FACT: The new CUBS LITTLE LEAGUE PARK was an effort of the Chicago Cubs, Commonwealth Edison, and the Friends of the Parks.  Maldonado had nothing to do with any improvements in Humboldt Park.  They were planned long before he became alderman.

Do you really want an Alderman who lies to his constituents, intimidates businesses and has unlimited zoning power over his multiple land holdings to remain in office where he can continue to abuse his powers?

Chicago Municipal General Election
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011!

Punch #52 to Elect Devon Reid

Why Should You Vote for Devon Reid?

Chicago Needs Transparency!

  • The city needs a budget that is both accessible and understandable, and the Aldermanic budgets should be held to the same standards.

Because Chicago Needs a New Approach to the Approval of Contracts!

  • Eliminate the current floor on contracts whereby contracts under five hundred thousand dollars do not require City Council approval by requiring all contacts to be approved by the full body of the Council.
  • Eliminate all no-bid contracts and require a mandatory 30-day review period after the approval of any contract approved by City Council during which any Alderman or citizen can reasonably dispute the contract and, within reason, ask for a review of the vote.

Devon Reid is calling for regular audits that take a look at every dime of spent taxpayer money, not only to affirm that it's being spent in the right places but, to make sure that you and the city paid a fair price for what was done. A detailed budget, open to the public, is one of the best possible tools to combat waste and corruption.  To continue reading about Devon's platform, please see the Issues page of this website . . .

26th Ward Street Map

Map of the 26th Ward of the
City of Chicago

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